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Platinum Publishing Package with Platinum Marketing


The Platinum Publishing Program is one-of-a-kind in the publishing industry. We are the only publisher in North America that can help you to perfect your manuscript and get it into retail book stores and big box stores, while allowing you to retain all rights and creative control. If your goal is to get your book into the bookstores and online, then you will need to learn the 4 Cs to selling books. What are the 4 Cs? Our Founder & CEO, Ken Dunn, travels throughout North America, teaching the power of the 4 Cs (content, cover, credibility and community). If you can master all 4, you will sell thousands of books. In the Platinum Publishing Program, we cover the first 2 Cs (content and cover). You will work with an elite-level team to make your book the best it can be. Books with professionally developed content, professionally designed, and properly marketed are prime candidates for the book store system. It all starts with the Platinum Publishing Program. The quantity of books and stores will depend on the last 2 Cs (credibility & community). Be sure to ask your publishing consultant about our Platinum Publishing Program and the process for getting your book into the book store system. Through our industry-leading 70 percent author royalty—that’s right, you get 70 percent of the sales!—and distribution program, we are publishing hundreds of E-books and print books every single month. The following items are included in the Platinum Publishing Program:   The following items are included in the Platinum Publishing Program:
  • Physical Book Layout: Laying out a physical book for print takes an experienced eye. Our layout experts have prepared thousands of books for printing. Your physical book layout is a benefit of the Digital and Platinum Programs.
  • E-book Layout: We start with your finished book that you have provided in a MSWord doc format. After using our editorial services—or if you have waived that option—the book will be turned over to our expert graphic designers. Their job is to layout the book to make it most appealing when read. It takes a skilled hand and eye to ensure the quality of the finished layout.
  • Barcode/Pricing Code: Each E-book requires a unique pricing code that complements the type of E-book. You will be given a unique code that will link you to your E-book.
  • Finalized Cover Art for E-book: Most authors request that we design the cover art for their E-book. Given that we have produced thousands of E-books, we know what sells. Please talk to your publishing consultant about the best cover art for your project.
  • Barcode Registration and Design: A unique barcode with retail price and SKU will be provided for your book.
  • Cover Design: This package includes our cutting edge Print-On-Demand model. We print as many books as you need. For printed books, a saleable book cover must be designed. It is crucial to create a cover that stands out. Make sure to ask your publishing consultant to explain the premium cover option during your free publishing consultation.
  • Library of Congress Registration: As an exclusive benefit of the Platinum Program, if you decide to print 2500 books, to be in the book store distribution system, your book will be registered with the National Library of Congress and two copies of the final printed version will be forwarded for their retention. If you hope to see your book in stores or libraries, the LOC registration is a must.
  • Next Century Speakers – Speak and Get Paid Course – Weekend Ticket: Speak & Get Paid is our marquee intensive speaking course. The course is designed for individuals whose goals are to create a professional speaking business, or those professional speakers who are looking to “up their game.” Throughout the three-day intensive, our faculty will work on every part of the process with you. This is a MUST attend event for any author looking to expand their professional development.
  Platinum Marketing
  • Author Discovery Session
  • Media Set-Up Branded
  • Social Media Imagery
  • Social Media Content Creation
  • Social Media Posting Amount
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Press Kit Creation
  • Cover Letter Creation
  • Influencer Identification Program
  • Galley Copy Creation
  • Galley Copy Creation
  • Article Creation and Posting
  • Professional Press Release
  • 8-Week Media Outreach & Booking Program Release
  • 3-Month Subscription to GoRead Buzz
  • 90-day Right Margin Ad
  • First Article Creation
  • 10-Minute Video Interview
  • Dedicated Email
  • Dedicated Facebook Post
  • Dedicated Posts on GoRead Corporate Page
  • Amazon “Look Inside”

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