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EBOOK Only Package

We have a significant number of writers coming to us to take advantage of the fact that over 50 percent of books sold today are in digital format only.

Our team will help the author to perfect their manuscript and publish the book in E-book format on popular websites like,, KoboBooks and many more. The E-book Publishing Program is the most cost effective option for authors and is often chosen by authors with a limited budget who want to test the market with their books.

Through our industry-leading 70 percent author royalty (That’s right, you get 70 percent of the net sales!) and distribution program, we are publishing hundreds of E-books every month.

The following items are included in the E-book Publishing Program:

  • E-book Layout: We start with your finished book that you have provided in an MSWord doc format. After using our editorial services—or if you have waived that option—the book will be turned over to our expert graphic designers. Their job is to layout the book to make it most appealing when read. It takes a skilled hand and eye to ensure the quality of the finished layout


  • Barcode/Pricing Code: Each E-book requires a unique pricing code that complements the type of E-book. You will be given a unique code that will link you to your E-book.


  • Finalized Cover Art: Most authors request that we design the cover art for their E-book. Given that we have produced thousands of E-books, we know what sells. Please talk to your publishing consultant about the best cover art for your project.


  • E-Books up to, and including, 400 pages: $499.00
  • E-Books over 400 pages: $799.00
  • Cover graphic creation: $129.00

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